Acrylic thread is not found naturally, but rather man-made. It is not natural like wool or cotton, that is, it is not found in nature, it is classified as synthetic yarn.

Advantages of Acrylic Thread

  • Widely available;  Acrylic yarn is readily available at most yarn stores and is also sold online. Since these yarns are artificial, they have many colors.
  • Affordable;  Acrylic yarn prices are generally more affordable for wool, cotton and other basic fibers for crochet.
  • Resistant;  This man-made fiber is more durable than many other materials, so acrylic is recommended if you want to make durable products.
  • Washable;  You should read your yarn label to make sure your acrylic can be machine washed and dried, This is great for people who want easy care products.
  • Smoking allergic; Many people can be allergic to wool. In this case, artificial materials such as acrylic are an alternative for allergy sufferers.