Studies on organic cotton farming have started to attract attention as a result of the environmental awareness that has started to develop in the world since the 70s. Agricultural pollution, which is one of the important factors that constitute the concept of environmental pollution, arises as a result of the introduction of synthetic materials used in modern agricultural methods, which are applied without considering the natural life balance, into the soil.

Organic Cotton is produced with completely natural methods compared to conventional cotton and provides sustainable agriculture by supporting the protection of nature. 

Various chemicals used in agricultural areas pose a significant threat to soil, plants, animals and indirectly to human life, in addition to their main purpose of use. As a result of environmentalist movements, these damages have been determined in a way that will not cause any misconceptions, and an agricultural method has been defined in which the factors causing agricultural pollution and completely natural methods are used, and studies have been started on the application of this method. This method, which has been successfully applied for thousands of years in the periods when chemical auxiliary substances were not yet available, is called “organic agriculture”.